Fair skin or dark skin, well built or really slim, rugged look or

DSC00114ffeminate. Nothing matters no opinion is important, in a patriarchal world one thing that I have realised is that patriarchy demands ‘real men’ with beard and muscles oozing out testosterone. The stoic notion of a stereotypical man in the society is that of a masculine being who would be devoid of expression and by expression I mean expression of pain, emotions or any other sentimental feelings. A man needs to be strong , bold, lion heartedIMG_6610

etc etc

Breaking the stereotype of a preconceived notion of an idle man, through the blog I would want to portray the idea of a man who is free from the societal agendas and clutches.


As a matter of fact even if a biologically born woman feels like a man and things very manly of herself, SHE IS A MAN. We need to get it right that gender is not biological, it is s ex which is biological. Gender is a feeling, gender is relative, and gender is fluid.It can take the shape of a man, woman, transgender, gender queer etc. DSC00279


With all my previous blogposts it has been evident now how I love sarees and being a saree enthusiast, I have always promoted the draping of sarees and the culture and heritage associated with it. The rich texture, the settle feel and the silk on your skin is ecstasy to me.

Greetings to my readers and greetings to all of you who appreciate fashion and has an eye for culture, heritage and art.

Demeaning the societal norms of a man I would like to introduce you to men who are very much men in their own ways and they are fierce, unapologetic and are so proud of their individualities.



A dark man who is not so manly, flaunts his saree and walks down the streets in jewellery. He is a man. The discussions surrounded by dark skin and colourful clothes have always been there and a person with dark complexion should be particular  of their choices of colour. You are dark, you are dusky you should not wear to bright colours or too dark one, no whites or not prints nor too much of bling. A man with wild curls, long hair and a good beard, draped in a dhoti and beautiful heavy jewellery. He is a complete man as he associates himself to be one. The long hair the beautiful curls they are all manly.



A man with long curly hair, with blue highlights, not a muscular man, a very beautiful physic with curves, breaks all norms to be a stereotypical man. Adorned in the best of silks and jewellery.

This is my fashion blog and this blog is not only about fashion, its about educating each other, its about acceptance and we can only do that if we react and act against all the societal norms that are demeaning and derogatory.image1

This wedding season grab a saree, your mum’s , grandmom’s, girlfriend’s or buy one and drape it as a dhoti. Club it with a blazer or a kurta. You are good to go! Bring back the traditional, feel rich in the culture and heritage attiers. Trust me for you would only love it and rejoice the decision of wearing a dhoti and feeling beautiful.

image2 DSC00211



Wish you all a very good day. Thank you. Keep up the love.



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  1. artsyaroma says:

    Congrats Bodhi on your amazing blog. Loved how you styled the outfits and your blog is truly inspiring. Keep up the good work.


    1. Mister Ghosh says:

      Thankyou so much ! Your words mean a lot. Would try to work more and to be better and create a change. Thankyou for thw support again !


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