On the banks of river Yamuna Radha and Krishna on their regular walk through the forests of flower had a very unusual conversation.

Krishna asked Radha Rani, how does it feel like to be a woman, a Gopi, a lady , to be Radha.

Radha smiled and asked Shyam to wear her clothes and experience the feeling of a lady. Shyam without any hesitation did the needful and got dressed up in the attire of Radha. Radha adorned Krishna with her beautiful clothes and jewellery. Krishna for this androgynous look was named Shyama Sakhi. Seeing Krishna, Radha dressed herself with Krishna’s clothes and thus both the lovers cross dressed into each other’s attires.


The sight on the bank of the river Yamuna was surreal. The beautiful dark skinned SnapseedGod and the elegant fair skinned Goddess dressed in androgynous clothes stood there as an epitome of Beauty.



SnapseedThe taboo around the people with dark complexion wearing bright colours is ethically demolished here. Shyam( dark) dressed in Radha’s magnificently bright coloured clothes looked beautiful. The other maidens were auw struck to see Shyama Sakhi who carried his beautiful attire so gracefully.

IMG_3458 Lilahava is the Krishna Leela that describes the Androgynous form of Krishna. A God, a mythological character, a saga, a legend, a scripture or a religion. The depiction of unique fashion and art in Lilahava is something one should look upto. It is not just a portrayal of tale of Krishna but is a tale of fashion ;


androgynous fashion. To embody fashion or to enhance one’s beauty through clothes one can be free from gender.


Gender fluidity is so important and one should educate themselves with this because societal constructed gender roles are not something that one should be confined to. The art and beauty in androgyny is beautiful , the aesthetics in it is valuable and the one adopting it breaking the clutches of the mainstream society is an artist.

This blog post has been completely inspired from the Lilahava and the legacy of Shyama Sakhi.IMG_3461.JPG

For the dhoti we have used an Opara Silk and for the dupatta and the pleated skirt a Baluchuri and a Chanderi Silk has been used.IMG_3456

In collaboration with @evelopetheworld the beautiful and one of the most eminent blogger of the city Namrata Ganguly , she is a pharmaceutical engineer who has taken up blogging as her profession.Snapseed.jpg

Behind the lense is our very own Mrinmoy da.

This blog would not be successful without the support and help from the costumes to the styling and helping with every details of the blog by my most precious Akash Saha , follow the @chameleonbloke for beautiful men’s fashion and lifestyle.

Thank you to my entire team for making it was it is today.

All my readers thank you so much for all your love and support. See you soon in my next blog. Cheers !




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