DSC_1134TRINETRI or TRINETRA is the other name with which Goddess Durga is felicitated with. The third eye or the trinayan is a symbol of strength, empowerment and esteemed dignity and prestige. Let us all break the shekels of prejudice and discrimination and stand tall with honour, respect and dignity.


Hello to my people! This blog post of mine is not only another blog post, fashion illustration or another project. It is MUCH MORE than that! this blog post has much more substance to it and we had to move pillars to post to get it completed successfully as we have faced a lot of criticisms, dispute, violence and humiliation and overcoming all barriers we stand tall here( we because me and my entire team have dealt with it).


Have you ever thought what would it be like to get discriminated every moment? Have you ever been deprived of your basic human rights?  Talking about the lives of the transgender persons here who face discrimination in their own country.  So ladies and gentlemen and all my Queens introducing to you “TRINETRI” a concept which focuses on transgender empowerment! To spot the latest trends we do look up to fashion illustrations and usually all we see is male models or female models but have we ever thought about what if the other gender wanted to look what looks good on them? Have we ever thought what if we can have more of transgender models? Won’t they do justice to the fashion industry?Yes with this concept introducing you the new two faces of Durga Pujo 2017.

DSC_1277 (1)Empowerment is not being sympathetic to them, empowerment is not making them a substance of pity but empowerment is standing for their rights! It is engaging them with some work, empowerment is removing the stigma associated with them. Through this blog post i stand by the transgender community.

DSC_1483 (1)This blog is  an amalgamation of fashion and empowerment. Since it’s the festive season of Durga pujo and what would be better than the essence of ethnics? Saree! a must for every Bengali out there and for my love for sarees I have decided to style each one of us in these beautiful sarees from Label Soma Bhattacharya; Pujo collection by this label is absolutely stunning. From traditional sarees to modern day designer sarees, you can get it all under one house. Little of her collection has been displayed in the blog, go ahead and have a look of these beautifully crafted masterpieces.

DSC_1313Starting off with the look of the models where they have been draped in beautiful chiffon sarees and maintaining the code of ethnicity and earthiness we have styled the look. With a chiffon saree and zari embroidered border which is not a traditional saree we have used the Alta (dyed red hands), Sakha pola (red and white bangles), nathni (nose ring) which gives the earthy Bengali touch. The look is a very unique one as it perfectly blends the modern day garments with an influence of age old traditions and culture. A well assorted fusion look can do real good to you this season!

DSC_1426For my look, yes I have always been a PRO STEREOTYPE BREAKER… kidding! So for All the guys out there let’s get into a revolution, lets break the stereotype and embrace a society without any stigma. Let’s get to wear sarees and own them! Draping a saree as a dhoti is not a big deal and come on why not? Sarees are not limited for women only, it’s all about how you own it! Since i have this eternal love for sarees and for my pujo look the styling have been done with a Linen printed kurta and a beautiful hot pink Chanderi silk saree draped as a dhoti. You can go for a similar look like this by draping any traditional saree with a printed cotton kurta or a silk kurta.



So yaa lots of social issue feeds and lots of fashion feeds up there. Hope this came out as a help and a guide for the festive season of how to style yourself and experiment with different looks and garments.

It all comes down to one point that this blog post aims at normalising the existence of Transgender of the society and their existence not as a different community but as humans, friends and our own country people. It aims for acceptance, acceptance that is needed and sympathy or hatred that is not required at all. Let’s accept each other as human beings and stand for each other.


See you soon. Keep up the love!


Thank you Ujji Biswas and Ratrish Saha for being such amazing models.



Garments: Sarees by Label Soma Bhattcharya



Kurta: Bobo Calcutta



Behind the lense: Prateek Bansal






Thank you Akash Saha and Neha Agarwal for managing the team so well.



6 Comments Add yours

  1. Gargi says:

    This is immensely beautiful, Bodhi! I’m so proud of you for this offbeat approach you chose to take.
    Lots of love! ❤


    1. Mister Ghosh says:

      Thank you so much. This is a great compliment coming from you. Stay tuned for my next blog SHYAMA SAKHI.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Trinetri is an amazing concept. Well done on the job! ⚔🌹


    1. Mister Ghosh says:

      Thank you so much. Means a lot to me. Stay tuned for my next blog SHYAMA SAKHI.


  3. tremendous work …. salute to the entire team


    1. Mister Ghosh says:

      Thankyou so much Sir ! Your words mean a lot to us. More to come.


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