Your Shades & Shirts for SUMMER

Hola people, it was amazing to see all the love and support that you guys bestowed on me, For all of it i wanna say THANK-YOU to each one of you and it is this support that has motivated me to create my second blog post.

Well as the caption says, yes it is on how you can beat the heat and still look dapper but but but only in shirts. I know its summer and its the time to switch to only tee shirts and tanks and polos and shorts.

The catch is we can’t really wear those everywhere! Can we ? (Like technically we can but we might just be thrown out of those places😅) .

Yaa so how would you dress yourself up in a shirt? What kind of a shirt would you wear? What colour? What material? And hey summer=shades ! Which glares would compliment which shirt? Yes i get it there are many combinations and questions but what could be the best one?

You need to attend a marriage, corporate meet, college, socials, parties, dates, FIRST DATES, brunches, clubbing…and the list goes on. One solution to all these gatherings= SHIRTS. Yes You can wear shirts and team them up beautifully with anything and everything almost.

You don’t need to go for trial and error methods neither you have to think about styling yourself because i will do all of it and suggest you with the best of combinations and styling tips. ( i literally am such a good human being 😇 can’t belief😢)

Okay so i have like three looks and few suggestions for styling that might help you dress up yourself this summer.🌞

1.Yes you are a man and PINK looks amazing on a man, woman, transgender or anyone who would carry it well ! So for my first look i have wore this beautiful pink ( I somehow find it purple under yellow light but trust me it is pink. It was written in the tag😂) shirt, tucked it with a blue cotton pant. This would be like any other attire a man wears out there in the streets.

As I always say its not a harm to experiment! So yaa lets go for it….

I  have  taken a red scarf/muffler with this beautiful shirt to give a slight change of how we wear our basic ‘shirts-pants’ .

IMG_3422.JPGIMG_3421  IMG_3420The red muffler is complimenting the tone of the shirt and will definitely let you stand out of the crowd. You can use accessories like a beautiful steel chained watch and an aviator when you are out in the sun or oversize framed glasses when you are indoors.

Accessories can either spoil your look or can take your look from land to the hills. So you need to be wise with it and should never over do it !



Pro tip: it’s summer so keep the first buttons open and go for go for aviators when you are wearing block coloured shirts. It compliments your entire look!

You can wear this to your college or a social meet up! Absolutely dapper it would make you look if you sport it out for a brunch or a lunch date !






Shirt: UCB

Trousers: UCB

Footwear: Mochi

Scarf: H&M



2.The second look is more of a COCKTAIL LOOK 🍸

So you can always go for darker shades and shades of maroon and deep blue at night, this look is a very unique one and i have tried a little bit of experimentation buy turning my plain maroon knitted shirt into a v-necked party shirt !

Since prints are easy to carry off, you can experiment by layering your prints. With this v-necked shirt a printed summer jacket made the look club-ready !IMG_3426

IMG_3423  IMG_3424

Yes this is no ordinary look and this is not a look that you might spot in any random guy !

So go for prints and keeping it simple carry or throw on your shoulders some printed or plain summer jackets that would add an edge to the entire look.

You can easily wear this to a club, dinner date or for cocktail parties. ( I really wanna try this look out myself for real  and walk the streets of my metropolitan city 😍)


Shirt: UCB


Summer Jacket: UCB


3.The last look; i have created with enormous dedication,  concentration, experimentation and devotion( NOT) 😅 did not even think much about it just stepped into this beautiful shirt. Literally that’s all i have done!


Well appliqué shirts 😍

I have always wanted to have one like this and when finally I bought it I planned to showcase it in this blog. This is a a beautiful cotton shirt with a beautiful colour of olive green ! And appliquéd is our national animal Tiger…like seriously WOW 🐯😂❤️


Well wearing a shirt like this with the same old denim or cotton pants is not what you should do. To make it look a bit more sassy and jazzy what you can do it wear a coloured tank inside( any colour except black, grey, white) and open the first few buttons of the shirt !

This is more of an informal look and this look is a stunner in itself as it is very comfortable and will help air run all over your body and make you feel less hot ( technically less hot but will make you look very hot, trust me ! )

This is a very very summer look and you can accessories this look with over sized vintage glares or round shades.



A simple yet dapper look that you can spot comfortably for your socials, clubbing  or random gatherings!

Hope These look help you sort your summer well with styling yourself in shirts!

Shirt: forever 21

tank: forever 21





  • go for light coloured prints and cotton shirts in the day time as it makes you look fresh and helps you remain cool.
  • try and stick to cotton shirts in the evenings too.
  • Don’t accessories too much. Less the accessories more you feel comfortable.
  • Switch to loafers and sandals more than shoes or boots. Use your shoes and oxfords for corporate and formal meet ups !
  • ALWAYS carry shades and if confused what to wear simply go for aviators; they compliment everything decently.








2 Comments Add yours

  1. Srijani Chanda says:

    Loved it….the styling is done very nicely using of props is plus points and experimenting is what fashion is about….i personally liked the 2nd and 3rd look. Allover it was a great attempt☺☺…your styling is out of the box and that is what fashion is all about.


    1. Mister Ghosh says:

      Thank you so much srijani. Each and every review counts! ❤️❤️❤️


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